Warranty/Quality Assurance

At WELBRO, we care about our reputation with our clients. That’s why we have standard procedures to report and eliminate warranty issues quickly and effectively. We delegate responsibility to our project and site managers, or other appropriate staff, to ensure a rapid and satisfactory resolution. We also have senior leadership oversight and follow-up on any subcontractor failures. We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance program that reviews the design documents of each project to make sure they are buildable, coordinated, within budget and schedule. Our QA process involves our site managers, project managers and preconstruction team, who provide constructability reviews, compliance checks and cost and schedule input. Our goal is to help the owner make informed decisions that lead to a high-quality design and seamless assembly planning. WELBRO’s Quality Control Plan confirms the expectations and outlines the unique project requirements. It is a comprehensive plan that identifies critical quality items and establishes the processes to influence, control, measure and maximize quality for all phases of the project. It is not a simple system of checks and balances, but a culture of quality that envelops each decision made by the project team. All members of the WELBRO team are committed to delivering a quality project that meets the design and owner’s expectations. We perform quality work the first time, ensuring certainty in delivery, cost control and safety for both employees and the public.

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