Mission & Values


Builders of lasting relationships through trust, commitment and service excellence.

WELBRO Building Corporation is successful in our mission because we:

  • Listen to our clients and put their needs first
  • Deliver reliable information with proven processes
  • Resolve problems early, before they occur in the field
  • Recognize the important contributions of our employees
  • Perform as promised throughout the entire project
  • Keep our commitment long after the work is completed

Core Values

Integrity – Deal with all stakeholders with absolute trustworthiness and fairness. Be honest and forthright with people. Earn and maintain the trust of others by acting consistently with his or her words. Garner respect by taking responsibility for ones actions.

Leadership – Act a role model for maintaining the highest standards of performance and conduct. Inspire others to commit to a shared purpose. Support and engage in responsible risk-taking and innovative thinking. Foster open communication, inclusion, and accountability.

Teamwork – Fulfill commitments to other team members. Diligently does one’s part while sharing knowledge and resources to achieve team objectives. Collaborates within and across work groups for the overall benefit of the organization. Is open to listening to, and acting upon other’s ideas.

Competence – Demonstrate ownership in understanding the professional knowledge and skills of discipline and applying them to best meet company and project needs. Proactive in undertaking and supporting development activities. Take initiative and willingly accept new challenges and additional responsibilities.