Our Higher Education Projects

At WELBRO, we practice Service Excellence in every educational project we take on. We have constructed a variety of school projects in both K-12 and higher education settings for more than 44 years, which has provided us with an expertise in every phase of the educational construction process. From the preconstruction phase, where planning and BIM technology are used to ensure accurate estimates, to the day the final bricks are laid and the doors are opened to welcome new students, WELBRO works hand-in-hand with you to deliver the project from start to finish.

Higher Education
More and more, today’s universities and colleges demand an increasingly wider array of educational facilities beyond the standard classroom. As teaching methods and learning environments get more innovative and sophisticated, universities require complex structures to match evolving educational processes. This means that higher education construction can take on many different forms.

Over the years, WELBRO has worked on an assortment of higher education construction projects. From libraries and student housing construction, to science facilities and other advanced laboratories, our higher education project roster includes many different structures, each with its’ own unique set of challenges. This extensive experience, as well as our in-house staff of skilled construction professionals, provides us with the ability to handle both the common and unique challenges that often accompany these complex projects.

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