Professional Development

Our Approach

Those who take ownership and responsibility for their career goals and aspirations can achieve great things at WELBRO.  There is no cast-in-concrete stairway to advance in your career path.  It is a collaborative effort that places you in the driver seat of what you achieve and how you grow.

Our approach to training and development is one of flexibility.  WELBRO provides you with the guidance, tools, and opportunities to actively manage your personal and professional growth.  We understand that learning is ultimately self-directed and should be encouraged, but more importantly, supported.  We do not shy away from costly development programs or training that occurs during regular work hours.  As long as it is effective, we believe the investment in you, and ultimately the future of this company, is well worth it.

Our comprehensive online training & development guide, complete with course catalog and resource library, displays upcoming opportunities for development in over 40 competencies.  Formal classes, workshops, online training, web conferences, college courses, seminars, and audio books are constantly updated and available at your fingertips.  We look to not only accommodate your learning style and schedule, but to satisfy your immediate and future career needs!

Career Paths

WELBRO offers flexibility in our career paths.  We believe that empowerment comes from accommodating the interests and strengths of our associates, and therefore, we allow individuals to change career paths as their interests change.