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WELBRO External Social Media Policy


The External Social Media Policy is a public facing set of expectations and guidelines for behavior of all users both internal WELBRO Building Corporation (WELBRO) employees and the external consumers/general public on official social channels owned and operated under the WELBRO brand (e.g. Facebook, Linkedln, etc…). This document also provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the expectations and guidelines for all WELBRO online communities?
  • What are the possible outcomes for users who fail to abide by these expectations and guidelines?


WELBRO believes that our users are part of a shared community founded in fairness and trust. The following expectations apply to all online communities of WELBRO:

  • WELBRO will make every effort to monitor the content and behavior of this community and ensure it’s of an appropriate nature, however, we are unable to monitor every posting or conversation.
  • Any comments, blogs, discussions, data, images, sounds, text, product ideas, suggestions or enhancements, as well as anything embedded therein, material, information or other communication you transmit, upload or post to the Sites, generally and through the public forums, or email to WELBRO (collectively, “communications”) are not confidential and non-proprietary and become the property of WELBRO. WELBRO has no obligation to preserve the confidentiality of or refrain from disclosing any communications.
  • You recognize and acknowledge that your submission of any suggestions, ideas, images, sounds, enhancements, data or other material is done on a non-confidential, non-proprietary basis, without expectation of compensation or attribution of any sort. WELBRO has no liability for and will be free to copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate and otherwise use all or any part of any communications for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes in any medium whatsoever and without additional consent or approval from you.
  • Please exercise caution and discretion in disclosing personal information through any public forums including uploading photos or other content. Under no circumstances is or will WELBRO or its affiliates be liable in any way for any communications, you or another’s use of the Sites or any Licensed Content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any Licensed Content, or for loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Licensed Content via the Sites.
  • WELBRO adheres to and requires that its employees, service providers and others endorsing or otherwise acting on behalf of WELBRO on a blog or other public forum all adhere to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials. The FTC requires that endorsers disclose a material connection with an advertiser, his/her affiliation with WELBRO and if incentives, free products or gifts or other compensation was received from WELBRO.


WELBRO appreciates your participation on any of our social channels. However, to truly benefit from this experience, all users must follow the following guidelines on all WELBRO online communities:

  • You are solely responsible for your communications and your activities on these sites.
  • Profanity or derogatory comments of any kind toward individual users or groups are not permitted.
  • Posts or comments containing sexually explicit language, material, or links to sexually explicit material are not permitted.
  • Posts or comments that aggressively attack or make libelous statements against employees and/or services of WELBRO, in general or by name, are not permitted.
  • Posts or comments containing other’s copyrighted material are not permitted.
  • Posts or comments containing solicitations or commercial content are not permitted.
  • WELBRO recommends that all users refer to the social media platform’s Terms of Use Agreement [insert appropriate link when available] for additional guidelines that are subject to change at any time, with or without notice.
  • WELBRO encourages constructive comments that go beyond identifying issues and include proposing solutions to problems.

A community’s interaction hinges largely on its members’ agreement to follow these guidelines. WELBRO reserves the right to delete, remove or edit any comments and/or block users/followers who violate any of the expectations and guidelines outlined above. If you suspect a community member is following the above guidelines, please let us know via email at