OCPS Site 47

WELBRO, in partership with our MWBE mentor protégé Siwel Inc., is currently providing construction management at risk services for the OCPS Site 47 Elementary School project. This school will be 98,000 square feet and it will serve over 830 students. This project is being built in Horizon West in the heart of the Waterleigh subdivision. This is a relief school to Water Springs Elementary School, built by WELBRO in 2019. The school will include an Administration Office, Multipurpose/Cafeteria, Kitchen, Cafeteria, Media Center Art and Music Labs, Science Labs, Computer Lab(s), Multipurpose Lab(s), Classrooms, Covered Play Area, Hard Courts Playgrounds, Covered Walkways, & Enhanced classroom technology. The Site 47 campus was designed by SchenkelShultz Architecture and the prototype will be used for both this project as well as our Site 97 project.