Subcontractor Vendor Qualifications

WELBRO values the relationships we have with our subcontractors and vendors.  The special expertise provided by our subcontractors and vendors is a foundation to our success.  We have a reputation for being professional and fair in the subcontracting community while requiring adherence to our safety and quality policies.  Please see below for an outline of some our most important, mandatory pre-qualification policies.

Qualification Requirements

1. WELBRO is a drug-free workplace and therefore requires evidence of an established drug-free workplace policy from all subcontractors.  The Profile Form summarizes how to confirm compliance with this requirement. An executed drug-free workplace letter is not required if a long form subcontract agreement is issued.

2. WELBRO has very specific insurance requirements.  Click on the following link to review and confirm compliance with these requirements:  Insurance Requirements. For subcontracts less than $25,000, only a Certificate of Insurance is required.

3. Qualifying for our bid list is based on recent, similar project experience, workload and financial strength.  Refer to our Projects Portfolio to learn the typical size and scope of our projects to see what type of experience we are seeking, then we invite you to complete Part A of our Subcontractor Profile form as discussed below.

Getting on our Bidders List

Getting on WELBRO’s Bidder’s List, essentially involves three steps.

  1. If you’re not already in our system, send an email to: expressing your general interest and/or interest in a specific project. Please provide us with the services you provide and your contact information including legal company name per the State of Florida Division of Corporations / Sunbiz or other state agency if you’re not located in Florida. Upon checking your firm is legally registered, we’ll place you on our list of Interested Subcontractors.
  2. Complete Part A of our Subcontractor Profile Form. This 1-page document requests basic company information, most importantly your commercial work experience, capacity and performance references. Please return this document to:
  3. WELBRO will review your completed Part A, and if approved we will note your firm as an “Approved Bidder” in our bid system. During our preparation of a bidders list, we prioritize by first – Approved Bidders, then Interested Subcontractors, and finally others. In some competitive bid situations we may solicit “others” even if they don’t have a completed Part A to be competitive and fair to the marketplace. Please note that we do not solicit every sub, for every job. We prioritize as noted and select subcontractors to the best of our judgment for each project.

WELBRO utilizes Building Connected as our Bid Management Software. This web based system includes a national list of subcontractors by trade. If you aren’t familiar with Building Connected, you may want to contact their Support offices for establishing an account/profile and/or upon receipt of a Bid Invitation, you can create an account with a UserID and Password. Once you’ve created an account, you only need to keep your login information (UserID/Password) to view future Bid Invitations, download plans and documents for invited jobs etc.


Entering into an Agreement/Contract with WELBRO

After WELBRO is awarded a project, we will then short-list select subcontractors for the project from the Bidders List as noted above. These short-listed subcontractors will then have to complete Part B of our Subcontractor Profile Form if they aren’t already fully approved in our system. Part B is required for the potential of entering into a contract/agreement with WELBRO for a project. Part B requires more substantial information including copies of Insurance Coverages, Financial Statements etc.

Please complete all requested information, being sure that the company name information matches your corporate records.  Please copy the Profile and complete a separate copy for each of your branch locations so that contacts, work performed, and service areas for each location are clear.  In addition, we send bid invitations via an internet based application; therefore, a valid e-mail address for your estimating contact is preferable.

Click on this link to download Part B of the Profile Form.  E-mail the completed Profile Form adobe to: Agreements awarded will be negotiated in accordance with Section 725.06, Florida Statutes.

In summary:

  1. Getting on our Bidders List – Submit Part A to:
  2. Qualifying for Contracts/Agreements – Submit Part B to: